Equinox TCG

The company Equinox is currently working on an upcoming tabletop Trading Card Game

I got to work with them for 4 months, as a Game Designer.
During this time, my tasks were :
-Designing and balancing the cards.
-Prototyping the mechanics.
-Analyse and upgrade the core gameplay.

For this project, I had to use some classic office tools (The google suite, with a focus on spreadsheets, text, and presentations), along with some graphic design tools (InDesign and Illustrator). The first ones were used to document every subject, decision, and evolution of the game, while also allowing me to make the content for the future cards. The graphic tools were then used to make them into printable cards, that would be used for testing.
With the experience, I learned to work with a team, which helped be with my communication skills. I also learned how to make better work documents, which would be clear and understandable by anybody.

In addition to that, I had some transversal tasks.
Mostly, I could work with the narrative team, in order to make the interfacing between them and the Game Design team easier. Which would make for a more congruent mesh of lore and gameplay, along with a better plot in and on itself.
I also was the DEI referent. Which means, I helped the whole team learning, gathering infos, and dodging easy mistakes during the game's creation, in order to get a rich experience, that is respectful of and knowledgeable about the human communities it depicts.

The game is currently in development, and thus under NDA.