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Game & Narrative Designer

My experience

They Lived Here - End of Degree project

Game Designer, Narrative Designer, Lead Programmer, Team Manager

Blanc - Internship

Prototyping, Programming, Game Design


Game Designer, DEI referent


About Me

I'm a Junior game dev, who got her degree in game creation recently. My specialties are Game Design, Narrative Design, along with C# Programming, in Unity.
I've loved games of all types since I was little. A lot of my life was spent in pop culture, along the different media.

As a game developer, I've been thriving in the
game world for the last four years. I'm at my best when working with a small team, stacking up tasks in every domain I can.

I love working on different part of games. Mostly the game mechanics, the characters, and their world, to get a cohesive whole.
Before becoming a game dev, I studied Chemistry, as well as
History. I also like studying the other kind of arts, as well as
the human past, with a focus on myths.

With this past and those interest of mine, I'm able to juggle a lot of inspirations, in order to make my creative projects the best they can be.
Those skills also allow me to know how to search for things. As such, whenever I have a problem, or need more knowledge about something, I'm able to easily find the infos I need.




Game Designer
Equinox 2022

Prototype Designer
Casus Ludi (Blanc) 2021



Bachelor Game and Creative Coding
e-artsup Nantes 2018-2021

First Year History Bachelor
University of Rouen 2017-2018

Bachelor Degree, Science of the matter, Chemistry.
University of Tours 2012-2015


Main Skills

Game Design

Narrative Design

C# Programming/Unity