Dr Umbrus

Junior Game/Narrative Designer & C# Programmer

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Bachelor Game and Creative Coding e-artsup Nantes 2018-2021

First Year History Bachelor

University of Rouen

Bachelor Degree, Science of the matter, Chemistry.

University of Tours


Main Skills

Game Design

C# Programming/Unity

Narrative Design


Mythologies : Norse, Japanese, Aztec

Tabletop Role Playing Games : As player and dungeon master.

Tabletop games
: Mostly the german type of design.

Reading, in either french or english.

Youtube writing.

Main Creations

My current biggest and most important games.

They Lived Here

Game Designer, Narrative Designer, Lead Programmer, Team Manager

Internship - Casus Ludi

Prototyping, Programming, Game Design

Buggle Trussle

Game Designer, Programmer, Project Manager

About Me

I'm a Junior game dev, who got her degree in game creation recently. My specialties are Game Design, Narrative Design, along with C# Programming, in Unity.
I've loved games of all types since I was little. A lot of my life was spent in pop culture, along the different media.
As a game creator, I've been growing and bettering myself for the last 3 years. I worked a lot with small teams, doing all the tasks that would fit my skills.
I love working on different part of games. Mostly the game mechanics, the characters, and their world, to get a cohesive whole.
Before going toward games, I studied Chemistry and History. I like to learn about art as a whole, alongside with humanity's past, mostly about myths.
Due to this life path, I have access to a lot of different inspiration sources, in order to make the best projects that I can. With these skills, I know where to look when a problem arise, or there is a need to learn and research a topic.