Stage – Casus Ludi : BLANC

Trailer d’annonce du jeu

During the year 2021, I did a 6 months internship in this company, Casus Ludi, for the game Blanc

During that internship, I mostly worked on prototyping in Unity.
This means, creating a simplified version of the game's mechanics, and as such, programming them in C#.
This was also a Game Design task, as I had to analyze the prototypes. They had to make sense with the core identity of the game, and be documented as to how they could be better, and how they were working, in addition to their impact on the game's level design and overall experience.

I also worked on the integration of the programming, also in Unity. This meant adding new features (mostly the one I prototyped), in the programming structure of the game.

Finally, I participated to the Level Design, by creating some simple sketches or blocking environments in Unity. Those were made in accordance to the mechanics I worked on, and would have been the basis for the final game's Level Design.

Thanks to this experience, I could better my main skills, of designing and programming, in a professional environment, for a commercial project.