Category: Games

To Hit a Hitman

Board game prototype

Balloon FPS Prototype

Prototype for a multiplayer FPS game

Equinox TCG

4 months work as a Game Designer, for an upcoming Collectible Card Game.

They Lived Here

Puzzle game based on language. End of degree project.

Stage – Casus Ludi : BLANC

6 months internship at Casus Ludi


Small platformer based on a single level. Game Jam Project.

Mechanical Wonders

Small RPG-Horror. Made for the Brackeys Game Jam 2020

Buggle Trussle

Multiplayer arena action game.

Beyond The Ice

Small Reigns-Like game, in the ocean. Game Jam Project.

Dungeon Scroller

Prototype for an action Rogue-Like mixed with a drafting game.